Tea in the service of health without disease

tea-in-service-for-health-without-diseaseMedicine is a characteristic of tea that has fueled its development since its discovery in China until today. Tea, for many the elixir of youth, health and beauty, has been used since ancient times due to its beneficial effect on the human body. It is used as an aid in the fight against various diseases, representing a healthy drink so that even today it is considered that teas are, in fact, the forerunners of medicines. human organism. Often, this amount of protective substances is not the result of the natural properties of tea, but rather the technological processing of its leaves.

Kakuzo Okakura

“Tea originated as a medicine and grew into a drink”

Kakuzo Okakura, Japanese historian

It can be concluded that tea is as much a traditional as it is a modern drink. Tea culture is a component of the quality and healthy life of a modern man. All the beneficial properties of tea come to the fore in the “long run”, i.e. only through and after long-term consumption and, of course, only when they are supported by other forms of healthy living (proper nutrition and sports activities).
This assertion is also proved by the flourishing consumption of tea in the world, which has increased three times in the last 60 or so years.

The health of 5 human organs is strengthened by abundant consumption of 5 tastes, but since people only take 4 tastes (sour, hot, salty and sweet), and since the bitter taste, which is important for the heart, is not pleasant, it should be compensated with the bitter taste of tea .

Table – the beneficial effect of teas on the human body


Some of the functions of teas for health against disease

  • help to prevent diseases – to name a few: strengthens immunity by increasing the body’s resistance; has a beneficial effect on circulation/blood flow; helps prevent tumors; strengthens the body’s resistance to bacteria; has an antiviral effect on viruses that cause influenza and herpes; normalizes thyroid function; promotes healing of liver patients; protects against the accumulation of blood clots and anemia; it protects the brain and prevents degenerative disorders such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease; acts preventively against arteriosclerosis; relieves joint disorders as well as asthma symptoms; serves for the prevention of dental diseases; etc.
  • helps against elevated cholesterol – very useful in protecting the circulatory system (as protection against cardiovascular diseases-heart), help for high and low blood pressure…
  • from 3 to 5 cups of tea drunk daily can help protect you from heart attack or stroke. Regular tea drinking habits can reduce the accumulation of dangerous fats, cholesterol and nicotine.
  • accelerates the return of energy to the body
  • encourages concentration – improves ability to concentrate and alertness
  • it has diuretic properties – it stimulates the excretion of urine, and thus waste substances from the body, improves the functioning of the kidneys and the urinary tract in general.
  • helps to strengthen bones; in case of clarity of vision; has a positive effect on fertility
  • cleans the skin and makes it more elastic – protects the skin from the effects of UV radiation and promotes its renewal

100 grams of single tea from Split Tea Houses at available prices is enough for tea consumption for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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Weight loss and teas – without diets

losing weight-without-dieting-with-teaFor weight loss without dieting, teas are an ideal drink as an aid for anyone who wants to lose weight in a healthy way, as well as for those who strive to maintain slimness, because teas (yellow, green, oolong/wulong and white tea) serve as an aid for: a moderate feeling of satiety, speeding up metabolism , stimulation of digestion and faster burning of excess fat.

Which teas (i.e. which tea is the best) for weight loss? We will mention several types of tea from the offer of the Split Tea House that can greatly help you in the desired process of losing weight without dieting and explain what their role is in the process of losing weight:

Yellow tea – because its proven enormous effectiveness in faster burning of excess fat is one of the most sought-after drinks on the eve of summer (and not only when) when we want to get rid of extra pounds (weight loss) accumulated during the winter months as soon as possible (most often with the help of fast and unhealthy diets).
Yellow tea contains an ingredient for which studies have shown that its most important role is helping to burn excess fat faster, stimulating digestion and increasing the consumption of energy needed for digestion and absorption (absorption) of food. Also, this ingredient stimulates the oxidation (burning) of fat, which promotes the reduction of fat tissue stores (weight loss), especially during the day.

White tea – the role of this tea is crucial in the fight against fat, without the need for harmful diets. White tea contains a high level of particularly high-quality ingredients that have a beneficial effect on speeding up metabolism, and thus have a favorable effect on weight loss, especially during night rest (sleep).
The ingredients of white tea serve to prevent fat storage and help break down existing fats. By consuming this elixir of youth, longevity and beauty, you will improve your line, but at the same time protect your entire body (white tea as the strongest antioxidant) and increase your body’s immunity.

Green tea – in addition to the endless benefits it provides in the field of health and beauty, the role of green tea is significant in the weight loss project because it helps to speed up the metabolism, helps to burn fat faster and to prevent fat storage.

Oolong (wulong/wu-long) tea – this tea (popularly called “fat killer”) also plays a significant role in the problem of obesity, i.e. it has a beneficial effect on the acceleration of metabolism, which promotes faster weight loss, in addition to other beneficial effects on the human body.
Which teas are the best for weight loss
(from the above)?

Yellow tea and white tea are suitable for consumption throughout the day and evening because they have a minimum amount theine (caffeine). These are the reasons why yellow tea and white tea can be consumed by everyone, from children to the elderly who want to lose weight, and white tea is especially suitable for those with high blood pressure.

Green tea and oolong (wulong/wu-long) tea contains large amounts of theine (caffeine) and it is recommended to consume them during the day so that they do not negatively affect sleep (similar to coffee). Oolong tea is especially suitable for those with low blood pressure, as it slightly raises blood pressure.

In order to lose weight and maintain weight effectively, it is important to drink tea regularly and for a long period of time and supplement its consumption with a balanced diet. and regular exercise.

100 grams of individual tea from Split Tea Houses at affordable prices is enough for tea consumption for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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What is tea?

The tea bush is a subspecies of Camellia trees. It has yellow-white flowers and small fruits, with extremely strong shells, like hazelnuts. The leaves are constantly green, slightly toothed.

For those who want to know a little more: there are two main subspecies of the plant Camellie – Thea Sinensis (Chinese species) and Thea Asamica (Indian species). By crossing these two basic types of the Camellia plant, all tea crops around the world were created. ” height=”150″ style=”margin-left: 20px; float: right;” />There are three basic types of tea which are determined by the degree of fermentation (boiling):

    Unfermented – green teas
    Semi-fermented – oolong teas
    Fermented – black teas

Unfermented – green teas as a subgroup include extremely healthy white and yellow teas.

When to drink tea?

When to drink teaDrink it daily because:

in the morning – because it wakes up, refreshes the spirit and thoughts, supports creativity and stimulates the will (black, oolong, green, …)

afternoon – relaxes, restores and cleans the body, facilitates digestion, especially of hard-to-digest foods, restores water to the body and, in general, hangs out with tea and casually chats (green, yellow, fruity, imaginative herbal mixtures, …)

in the evening – relaxes after a tiring day, soothes, puts you to sleep, gives a feeling of peace and contentment, facilitates digestion and ensures a better and more peaceful sleep (white, herbal or fruit mixtures, …)

in winter – warms, relaxes, fills long evenings, stimulates the will, gives energy (black, green, yellow, fruity, …)

in summer – refreshes, reduces sweating, provides the body with sufficient amounts of water, vitamins and other microelements, cleanses the body of toxins, increases energy, restores the will, … (rooibos, oolong, yellow, fruity, herbal).

Tea preparation

Tea is obtained by soaking the tea bush in water. It is usually prepared by first boiling water and pouring dried tea tree leaves over it: usually 1 teaspoon per 2-3 dcl of water. Cover the cup or other container and let it stand for approx. 2-5 minutes, depending on the type of tea. Then strain.

Preprema teaIt is important to emphasize that the water temperature varies depending on the type of tea, so for green, white and yellow teas the water temperature can be between 70-80°C. How do you know that the water is at a temperature of 70 to 80°C? After boiling, the water is left to cool for about 5 minutes to reach the specified temperature.
Other teas are poured with water at about 100°C. How do you know that the water is at a temperature of around 100°C? When the water boils, i.e. becomes almost boiling, the indicated temperature of 100°C is reached. Houn Kui, etc.), up to 5 minutes (mainly black and rooibos).

Some teas must be drunk freshly prepared (white, yellow, green), and some can be left for 24 hours (rooibos , fruity). They bring optimal benefits when drinking 3-4 cups a day.

Teas are best (and healthiest) drunk unsweetened, but they can be sweetened with honey or with a little sugar (mostly fruit and herbal preparations).

100 grams of individual tea from Split Tea Houses at affordable prices is enough for tea consumption for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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Tea and fitness

In recent years, we have witnessed an accelerated pace of life, which unfortunately means stress and unhealthy eating. In the sea of ​​obligations, we often forget the most important thing – our health. We can achieve a slim look and a healthy, well-shaped body with a proper diet, with moderate exercise, but also with the consumption of suitable teas.

Fitness and tea for better sport and exercise

We wonder what it is that connects tea and fitness, i.e. exercise

Of course a lot comes from exercise such as better looks, fitness and health. Juices are not a good choice if you want to keep your body hydrated while exercising. Sugary and carbonated juices can cause bloating and stomach cramps, which is by no means desirable during exercise. Recent research suggests that tea is a good choice before and during exercise because it promotes drainage, fools hunger and trims the line. Teas help us achieve a beautiful complexion, smooth and healthy skin, strengthen immunity, increase energy, speed up metabolism (loss of extra pounds and fat deposits) and achieve better results in sports.

Which teas to use as refreshment during training?

An ideal choice would be green tea. Universal cleaners of the body from toxins, stimulate metabolism, remove fat, expel water from the subcutaneous tissue (cellulite in women, important for bodybuilding), contain theine (caffeine), which is why they can be a good stimulant for training, and at the same time raise body temperature (thermogenesis). which results in increased consumption of calories (acceleration of metabolism), stimulate digestion, etc.

There is also an alternative to green tea, which are oolong tea, rooibos tea and yellow tea.

Fitness and tea for better sports and exerciseNamely, oolong tea contains a higher proportion of thein, which makes it a better stimulant before and during training, strengthens and strengthens the body/organism, and, like green teas, expels water from the subcutaneous tissue (diuretic effect). Also, it contains a higher proportion of polyphenols, healthy substances, which clean and strengthen the body/organism, and benefit the skin and complexion (reduction of cellulite).

Yellow tea contains an enzyme that stimulates metabolism and fat burning. This affects a noticeable loss of body fat and an increase in energy. Unlike oolong tea, it contains a minimal amount of theine (caffeine), so it can be consumed almost unlimitedly during the day, but also in the evening. This is important because it does not create stomach acids (problem of gastritis) and does not disturb, and the more it is consumed, the greater the effect for accelerating metabolism and burning fat.

Rooibos tea is rich in vitamins and minerals, of which vitamin C and iron predominate, which are good for strengthening immunity and increasing energy, and since it does not contain theine (caffeine) it can be consumed almost unlimited. This tea is ideal for athletes who lose a lot of fluid (running, cycling, etc.) and is suitable for consumption in the gym during the period of “definition” (loss of fat tissue) because it favors longer training sessions and stronger intensity.

So far we have talked about teas that are drunk before and during training, and what about afterwards, what about recovery?

Fitness and tea for better sport and exerciseThe ideal choice after training is white tea, popularly called the elixir of health, beauty and longevity. It is known that during the day and during training, the body creates toxins due to metabolic processes. They slow down recovery, damage the skin, complexion (cellulite), and their accumulation in the body can even lead to various diseases. 0&Itemid=686″>White tea best cleanses the body of toxins and is the strongest diuretic that helps the complexion, reducing cellulite, promotes faster recovery after training and has a soothing and invigorating effect. All of the above makes it the best tea drink after training or before going to bed, because it promotes sounder and healthier sleep for faster recovery of the body and muscles after sports efforts.

100 grams of single tea Split Tea Houses at available prices is enough for tea consumption for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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Complexion and skin – tea and its healing effect

tan-and-caj-stop-for-acne-and-pimples-03It has been proven that teas promote blood circulation, i.e. the regeneration of problematic skin and preserve their moisture (hydration), which is extremely important, whether it is dry or oily skin, and they strengthen, revitalize and make it smooth.

Also, tea protects problematic skin from the destructive effects of free radicals and the harmful effects of the environment, especially UV radiation, thus slowing down the aging process and the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. To preserve beauty and youthful appearance, tea is used not only internally in the form of a refreshing and invigorating drink, but also externally as an ingredient in numerous and effective home and purchased preparations. The antioxidants it contains protect us from changes in the DNA structure caused by the harmful effects of UV radiation, the consequence of which is skin cancer. Therefore, in recent times, the focus of science is directed towards tea, i.e. its beneficial ingredients (antioxidants) for the purpose of developing new generation cosmetics, prevention of aging, diseases and skin cancer itself.

100 grams of individual tea Houses of tea Split at available prices, it is enough for tea consumption for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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Acne, pimples, pimples – fight from outside and inside

tan-and-caj-stop-for-acne-and-pimples-02One of the most common problems for the complexion and for sensitive facial skin (babies/children/adults, women/men) is acne/pimples/pimples, and this problem must be approached systematically, that is, from the outside and the inside.
Tan and tea – stop for acne, pimples and pimples 02 The first step in treating pimples/acne is, of course, to stop squeezing them and wash the skin well with mild products used for certain types of skin, preferably with clean water. In addition, you should take care of your diet – eat healthy and sleep regularly and spend time in nature in the fresh air. include some of the following skin cleansers in your routine: green tea, oolong tea, yellow tea, rooibos tea and especially white tea. Tests have shown that by drinking two cups of freshly prepared tea a day, we have a preventive effect on various skin infections, even more so when we also use compresses with tea or put a soaked leaf, preferably white tea, on the hot spot. By the way, white tea is also called the tea of ​​beauty, health and longevity.

The most important thing to remember is that you should not treat your face with too many different preparations and wash it often because you will do more harm than good. . Try to avoid granulated cleaners, rough towels and rough pillowcases you sleep on. When removing makeup, rinse your face with plain lukewarm water and wipe with a towel. If you think that water is not enough, use products that are pH neutral and mild or wash your face with tea.

Tea with a few drops of lemon is excellent for degreasing the skin, also tea leaves dipped in clean water, with the addition of a little sugar , will help in the recovery of facial skin after rough treatment, such as facial cleansing (eg at home) or shaving.

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Tan and tea – stop acne, pimples, pimples

tan-and-caj-stop-for-acne-and-pimplesFor a more beautiful complexion, tea has long been used as an aid as well as for relaxation and in the fight against aging of the skin, allergies, stop acne / pimples / pimples, prevents dermatitis, baby/infant rash (due to diapers), aid for irritated skin . Children and adults, women and men – everyone recognizes the great help of tea in the fight against various skin damage. It is known that the skin is the largest human organ responsible for many tasks and the main protection of the body from harmful chemicals and bacteria, so it should be carefully cared for and protected.
Adequate protection< /span> must be implemented outside and inside.

Teas are rich in antioxidants that fight against inflammation, swelling, damage caused by irritation or the effects of the sun (burns) and help in the healing process. to be drunk or to be applied directly to the skin, especially in the case of sensitive facial skin, which is most susceptible to various infections.

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