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Yellow tea and weight loss

Due to its proven effectiveness in burning excess fat faster, yellow tea is one of the most sought after drinks on the eve of summer, when we want to quickly get rid of extra pounds (accelerate metabolism for healthy weight loss without dieting), which we accumulated during the winter months. However, although yellow tea is the best for weight loss, for weight loss to truly be effectively, it is important to drink yellow tea regularly and for a long period of time and supplement its consumption with a balanced diet and regular exercise.

Yellow tea and time of day for consuming the daily dose

Due to its relationship with white tea (young leaf) it contains a very small amount of theine (caffeine ). Therefore, yellow tea can be drunk throughout the day, but always freshly prepared.
The daily dose depends on the need, i.e. the purpose, but it is recommended to consume/drink yellow tea in the amount of 3–4 cups per day, no later than 45 minutes after preparation.

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