Pu Erh tea

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Pu-erh tea in general

Pu-erh tea is a Chinese specialty-rarity. It is unique in many respects, representing a special grouping of tea. With the appearance and color of the cup resembling oolong tea, it has the most tein (caffeine) of all teas, and the answer to the question “What to drink instead of coffee?” himself imposes – pu-erh tea as a natural and healthy substitute for coffee. It has a distinctive taste, slightly earthy aroma (special processing).

The fact that it does not lose its quality over time, like other types of tea, actually gets better (if it is stored properly), therefore it can be found on the market in various forms (pressed) up to 20 years old. year In Split Tea House, you can find this specialty aged between 7-8 years.

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Pu-erh tea and its medicinal properties

They work successfully for problems with fat (reduce cholesterol) as well as with the prostate, have a strong anti-tumor effect, promote weight loss and have a favorable effect on metabolism. They are excellent non-caloric refreshments in warmer times.

Pu-erh tea and time of day for consuming the daily dose

It is best to consume tea during the day, especially in the morning (awakening – focus, digestion), during the day before and during physical and mental activities.
Given that it contains a lot of tein (caffeine), daily doses may vary (individually). but for a more pronounced effect it is necessary to drink 1 liter of tea a day.

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Pu-erh tea – proper preparation

In order to achieve optimal organoleptic pleasure, pu-erh tea should be prepared according to a special procedure, where the ratio of tea and of water:

Water temperature:
After boiling in the kettle, the water reaches a temperature of 100°C.

The amount of pu -erh tea:
– 1 teaspoon of pu-erh tea is added to 2.5 dcl of water
– 1 soup spoon of pu-erh tea is added to 1 liter of water.

Keeping pu-erh tea in water:
Pu-erh tea  is kept in water/strainer covered for between 2-5 minutes and then strained. During these few minutes, antioxidants (catechins) come to the surface and have a better effect on the body when the tea is drunk. “>Pu-erh teas and their average price in Split Tea House is around HRK 60 per 100 grams, which is enough for pu-erh tea consumption for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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