Domestic medicinal herbs / plants / grasses – in brief

Medicinal herbs / plants / herbs is used throughout the entire development of humanity and for a long period medicinally herbs/plants/herbs were the only way of treatment. Thanks to ancient knowledge about the medicinal properties of certain parts of plants, people used them in different forms, such as dry, raw, most often as tea or in powder form (which is more often done even today).
Over time, traditional folk medicine developed, characteristic of all peoples, climates and civilizations. Knowledge and experience about the medicinal properties of plants/herbs/herbs was passed down from generation to generation, most often by word of mouth.

Medicinal herbs/plants/grasses generally do not contain theine (caffeine), and they are anti-allergic, anti-depressant, relaxing, regenerating, strengthen immunity and are beneficial for various health conditions.

It is a well-known fact that plants/herbs/herbs and teas are the forerunners of today’s medicines. Herbs/plants/grasses include all crops except the tea bush and rooibos.

Medicinal herbs / plants / herbs in traditional Croatian medicine is widely used, therefore Your Split Tea House has prepared a wide variety of domestic medicinal herbs / plants / herbs – even over 40 species: St. John’s wort, Ijirot root, sage, thyme, herbs against heliobacter (mixture), horsetail, yarrow, plantain, heather, sedge and various other medicinal herbs / plants / herbs.

Today, unfortunately, we are witnessing an increasing misuse of herbs, i.e. uncontrolled cultivation and application. Although the herb itself is healthy, for maximum medicinal effect it should be properly prepared and have information about its purpose.

Split Tea House offers only local herbs of controlled (ecological) cultivation, always fresh and fragrant, which is important not just for the pleasure of drinking, but also for the action itself.

When you contact us, we will be happy to provide you with quick and professional advice and provide the requested clarifications for medicinal plants / plants / grasses and their proper use based on our many years of experience in working with them.

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