Fruit tea

Fruit tea in general

Fruit tea does not originate from the tea tree bush (camellia sinensis), does not contain theine (caffeine), and therefore does not belong into real teas. This makes it a suitable drink for people of all ages, including children. Because they do not contain theine or caffeine, fruit teas can be consumed in unlimited quantities, either as hot preparations or chilled . They can stand for 24 hours, which makes them suitable in the warm spring and summer months as a refreshing, cold “ice tea”.

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Fruit tea – proper preparation

Water temperature:
After boiling in the kettle, when the boiling subsides, put the tea in the water.

Amount of fruit tea:
– add 1 teaspoon of fruit tea to 2 dcl of water
– add 1 tablespoon of fruit tea to 1 liter of water.

Keeping fruit tea in water:
Fruit tea is kept in water/strainer covered for 10 minutes and then strained and drinks during the day (24 hours).

100 grams of individual fruit tea from Split Tea Houses at available prices is enough for tea consumption for approximately 8 days /1L per day.

Fruit tea – proper preparation Opširnije »

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