Kuća Čaja Split is an online shop for the sale of various types of tea. Explore the largest range of teas in Croatia. We offer more than 250 different types of tea. We deliver all products from to your home address so that with the widest range, you save time and money.

House of Tea Split offers a large selection of white teas, herbal teas, black teas, oolong teas, pu erh teas, rooibos tea, fruit teas, green teas and yellow teas.

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  • Fruit teas

    12 Berries

    From: 4,00  Select options
  • White teas

    Angels Tongue

    From: 7,50  Select options
  • White teas

    Anji White Tea

    From: 22,00  Select options
  • Black teas

    Assam Budla Beta

    From: 4,71  Select options
  • Black teas

    Assam Hattialli

    From: 9,62  Select options
  • Green teas

    Assam Jamguri

    From: 5,11  Select options
  • Black teas

    Assam Sewpur

    From: 6,97  Select options
  • Black teas


    From: 3,52  Select options
  • Yellow teas

    Čajni Cappuccino

    From: 5,00  Select options
  • Black teas


    From: 3,12  Select options
  • Rooibos teas

    Chai Massai

    From: 3,40  Select options
  • Rooibos teas

    Chocolate Coconut

    From: 3,25  Select options
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