Oolong tea

Oolong (wulong / wu-long) tea in general

Oolong (wulong or wu-long) tea is among the healthiest teas, popularly called “fat killer” (high cholesterol, weight loss without dieting, to speed up metabolism). According to the degree of fermentation, it is between green and black teas. It has less theine (caffeine) than black tea and more than green tea.

Oolong or semi-fermented tea can be greenish or brown depending on the degree of fermentation. Its characteristics are more reminiscent of green tea than black tea. Oolong tea is also known as red tea and comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, just like most other types of tea.

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Oolong tea and time of day for consumption

The daily dose of oolong tea is around 3-4 cups. Given that it contains theine (caffeine), the amounts may vary from person to person, but for a more pronounced effect it is necessary to drink 1L of tea a day.

Oolong tea, unlike green and yellow tea, oxidizes much more slowly, so it can also be used in summer as “Ice Tea”, 4-6 hours after preparation. The best time to consume this specialty is in the morning, during the day, that is, before and during physical and mental activities.

Oolong (wulong / wu-long) tea – proper preparation

Water temperature:
After boiling in the kettle, the water is allowed to cool for about 2-4 minutes to reach the optimal temperature between 85-95 °C.

Amount of oolong tea:
– add 1 teaspoon of oolong tea to 2.5–3 dcl of water
– add 1 tablespoon of oolong tea to 1 liter of water.< br />
Keeping oolong tea in water:
The tea is kept in water/strainer covered between 2-4 minutes, and then strained. During these few minutes, antioxidants (catechins) come to the surface and have a better effect on the body when the tea is drunk. “>Oolong tea should not be drunk with sugar (sweetened) as this reduces its effectiveness. If you really have to sweeten it, add honey or palm sugar, some kind of brown sugar or pure maple syrup to the tea. “>Oolong teas and their average price in Split Tea House is around HRK 60 per 100 grams, which is enough for oolong tea consumption for approximately 19 days/ 1L per day.

Oolong tea and time of day for consumption Opširnije »

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