rooibos čaj

Rooibos tea and time of day for consuming the daily dose

Since there is no theine (caffeine), rooibos tea can be consumed throughout day and in larger quantities of 1L to 2L, and even more. Suitable for all age groups, from pregnant/nursing women to athletes.

Rooibos tea – proper preparation

To achieve optimal organoleptic pleasure, the proper preparation of rooibos tea should be observed, according to a special procedure where the ratio of tea and water is the most important:

Water temperature:
After boiling in the kettle, the water reaches a temperature of 100°C.

Amount of rooibos tea:
– 1 teaspoon of rooibos is added to 2.5–3 dcl of water
– 1 tablespoon of rooibos is added to 1 liter of water.

Keeping rooibos tea in water:
Rooibos tea is kept in water/strainer covered between 4-5 minutes, and after that it is strained.

Rooibos teas and their average price in Split Tea House is around HRK 40 for 100 grams, which is enough for consumption of rooibos tea for approximately 21 days/1L per day.

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