kakav je to crni čaj

Black tea in general

Black tea comes from the same tea bush as green and oolong teas, but due to different processing method, black and oolong teas lose their natural green color and become brownish-black. In Chinese culture, black tea is also known as “crimson”, and in our country it is best known as “Indian black tea”.
Black teas are known for their distinctive aroma as they contain almost the most tein (caffeine) of of all teas and are a healthy substitute for coffee.

Black tea and its medicinal properties

Black tea is characterized by the strongest aroma and almost the highest concentration of theine (caffeine) of all teas. Although many do not know it, the beneficial effects of black tea and its positive effects on health are numerous. Black tea has been shown to:

  • has a stimulating effect on the nervous system and strengthens the organism
  • reduces the risk of heart disease, i.e. protects the heart and circulatory system
  • it is good for lowering cholesterol levels and also helps fight against unwanted fats
  • primarily has an antiviral / antibacterial effect (raises the body’s immunity/resistance)
  • relieves the symptoms of inflammatory bowel diseases
  • protects against the development of Parkinson’s disease
  • reduces the intensity of possible headaches
  • slows the onset of diabetes
  • increases physical endurance
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